A serious and reliable partner of public and private organizations.


“International Logistic Services” Ltd. is a reliable and serious partner for both government and private organizations. In its practice, the company has gained significant
experience in safeguarding industrial facilities, administrative buildings, restricted access
areas, transportation centers, and more..
The company holds a license to provide private security services within the territory of the
Republic of Bulgaria, issued by the General Directorate for National Police – Ministry of
Defence, under No. 3/02-686/21.06.2022.
Our firm has highly trained and professionally prepared personnel who are deeply committed to the tasks of safeguarding both movable and immovable property.

We offer a variety of security services, including:

  • Armed and unarmed physical security.
  • Escorting valuable shipments and cargo,
  • Handling explosive substances and items subject to control by the Ministry of Defence;
  • Dealing with Class 7 goods under ADR regulations.;
  • Managing high-value customs items;

Guided by the principle of “Safety First” in our operations, our company ensures a high level of professionalism and integrity in fulfilling our commitments.


We specialize in the transportation and logistics of weapons, ammunition, explosive substances, and pyrotechnic items within the European Union and third countries by road, using specialized vehicles of types EXII and EXIII.
Our logistics services for hazardous goods (weapons, ammunition, explosives, radioactive substances, and pyrotechnic items) include the organization and acquisition of all necessary permits and documents both within the Republic of Bulgaria and abroad. We also provide security for the transported cargo along the route when required.

Projects, Developments, Documents

The Law on Firearms, Ammunition, Explosive Substances, and Pyrotechnic Articles.

Consultation and Document Preparation for Obtaining Permits for:.

  • Production
  • Acquisition
  • Trade
  • Import and Export
  • Storage
  • Use
  • Transportation and Transfer

Law on Export Control of Weapons, Items, and Technologies with Dual Use and its
Implementing Regulations

Activities with Weapons:

  • Export Permit;
  • Import Permit;
  • Transfer Permit;
  • Transit Permit;
  • Brokerage Services Permit;
  • Participation in Exhibitions Permit;